About me

Like many, I came to yoga looking for peace. I suffered from anxiety, eating disorders and depression throughout my late teens and early 20s, and I knew deep down there was a better way to live. When I moved home to Bishop’s Stortford from London, I committed to find a yoga class.

Alongside therapy, yoga soon became a crucial piece of kit in my recovery toolbox. The breathing techniques helped my anxiety, while the postural practice released tension I’d been holding for years. I started to feel stronger, emotionally and physically.

It didn’t happen overnight – consistency was key. Every time I showed up, I was honouring myself. It was the most authentic kind of self-care. I wasn’t afraid to face myself on the mat, and I learnt valuable lessons about patience, surrender and discipline that improved every area of my personal and professional life.

My experience led me to teacher training. I wanted to share yoga with others – especially with those in pain. I took my 200-hour training at Yoga Dharma in Southend. I’ve completed several additional courses to expand my knowledge since, including training with David Swenson.

Now, I teach yoga classes in Bishop’s Stortford and online. It’s a privilege to be able to share this powerful practice, and I’m always blown away by people’s energy and commitment to change their lives. While I’m not a therapist or doctor, I truly believe in yoga’s transformative, meditative and healing powers. It could do for you what it did for me.

If you’re looking for public, private or corporate yoga, book a class today. Everyone’s welcome, and I offer plenty of variations, modifications and props to support your unique body. The hardest part is usually the first step – if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.