About me

I was sick – really sick – physically, mentally and spiritually. I’d been battling bulimia and depression throughout my late teens and early 20s – and I was losing the fight. My body and mind felt wrecked – every day, I struggled against overwhelming fatigue, heart palpitations, weight fluctuations, aches, mood swings, brain fog and acid reflux.

At my wits’ end, I moved back in with my family (after years of solo-living in London) and started yoga. I thought, what’s the harm?

Before then, I’d practised intermittently – but it wasn’t until I moved home that I developed a regular routine. Alongside therapy and a lot of traumatic self-reflection, yoga became a crucial piece of kit in my recovery toolbox. It taught me how to be kind to myself and others, breathe deeply when anxiety struck and show up even when things got tough.

The benefits of yoga are plentiful – there are too many to list here. What I will say is it had such a positive impact on my life that I decided to take a teacher training course. I wanted to share it, to the best of my ability, with other people – especially those who were in some sort of pain. And here I am!

Obviously, this is a simplified version of my story, and it misses out all the gory details – the tears, self-doubt and relapses. It also doesn’t explain how yoga healed me. But you can read about all the in-between bits on my Instagram or Blog.